The Focus of Biotechnology Companies Seeking to End Genetic Diseases

Genetic screening and other health technologies through companies like those founded by Jim Plante help patients, doctors and people with a family history of certain diseases gain information and start taking action. When people learn they have the genetic marker for a certain chronic health problem, they can modify their lifestyle to prevent or delay the disorder. That may not always work, but in the meantime, these individuals can decide how to approach the health problem if they do ever develop it.

Staying Informed About New Developments

People who are interested in biotechnology and genetics might want to follow Mr. Plante, as well as companies like Pathway Genomics and Klotho Therapeutics, on social media and in search engine news alerts. They can stay informed of the latest updates in the field. Genetic research is a complex and fascinating subject, much of which can be incomprehensible when reading studies in scientific journals. But when this research is provided for more average readers, it can be some of the most intriguing subject matter a person can learn about.

About Klotho Therapeutics

Klotho Therapeutics was named after a naturally occurring protein that functions as a hormone. It has positive effects on kidney function and cognition, and it can reduce the progression of cancer. Scientists consider it an anti-aging substance to a certain extent, but unfortunately, natural levels generally start decreasing after age 40. This partially explains why certain diseases are associated with aging.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

The company currently focuses on uncovering an effective treatment or preventive strategy for polycystic kidney disease (PKD). This disorder causes cysts to form in the kidneys, commonly, other organs in the body. As the cysts grow larger, they begin to disrupt function of those organs. People with PKD may eventually require routine dialysis treatments.

An Impressive Team

The teams at companies founded by Mr. Plante include an impressive array of scientists and physicians. Top experts in molecular genetics work there, as do genetic researchers focusing on specific disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Genetic counselors typically have completed a bachelor of science in a health-related field and a masters degree in genetic counseling.